Discover the freedom of adventure travel with the expert guides at Global Epix

No one knows adventure travel like we do. Global Epix is a collective of professional mountain bikers and adventurers with decades of travel experience between us. We’ve hauled our bikes across the world in search of the most remote destinations on the planet, and we invite you to join us as we set off in search of the next journey.

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Where We Ride

Global Epix offers affordable guided trips with pro athletes to exotic mountain bike destinations around the world. We tap into a direct network of local connections at every location to give you an authentic adventure, which streamlines the logistical planning and saves you a few bucks in the process. Because who says your dream bike adventure has to be out of your budget?

We choose locations based on their culture, geography, and proximity to the most sacred rides in the world. Our guided mountain bike trips trace the routes of the Inca Empire through the Peruvian Andes; roam the glaciated fjords in Iceland; traverse the craggy peaks of the French Alps; or wander the prehistoric slickrock in Moab. We also make time to eat, drink, and hang, connecting with local residents as we step into their way of life and share our cultural values.

You Don't Have to be a Pro to Ride Like One

Our guided tours are designed for everyday riders with intermediate or advanced skills. We even welcome non-mountain bikers who seek an adventure of a lifetime with our Split Trip itinerary for couples with different tastes in travel. Same trip, same destination, same accommodations – but unique daily activities for the explorer who favors hiking or yoga over mountain biking or surfing. Any of our trips can be done as a Split Trip - just ask!

Whatever your activity style, you’ll get pro-level treatment, traveling alongside the world’s most elite mountain bike athletes and chasing the adventure of your dreams. That could mean riding with a photographer, a filmer, or a writer on assignment to document our journeys along the way. Or summiting ridgelines unreachable to the average traveler. Or drinking chicha de jora with your favorite athlete. The adventures and experiences are different each time.

Join us on our next adventure, and experience a trip like no other. We look forward to riding with you.